Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zumba Queen

Want to know how to have a GREAT start to your morning? Begin by knocking a brand new wine glass that your best friend got you for Christmas and watching it smash into a million pieces all over the floor. Awesomeness. Because I wasn't running late enough as it was.

I still made my new favorite protein pancake even though I was running super late. Smeared some peanut butter on top and ate it in the car with my coffee on my way out to Palm Springs.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Movie Night

It's alot of work being by myself in the mornings! Today is day two of the boyfriend gone and I am not enjoying it! I had to make the coffee this morning, make the Marley Bear breakfast, make my breakfast and meals for the day, take the Marley Bear out, bring up the Sparklett's jug and put out the trash cans all by myself. Sheesh!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

On my own

Well, Matt is out of town until Thursday which means Marley and I are on our own for dinner tonight. I wanted something easy and comforting since its pouring rain outside. I decided on an egg white omelette and stuffed it with spinach, and a mixture that was from dinner yesterday: chicken, peppers, onions, and salsa. While cooking, my assistant is never more than a foot away in case something falls to the floor.

New Start

I have wanted to start my own blog ever since I could remember. However, going to school full time trying to finish my bachelor's degree, while trying to find a passion for fitness and a healthy life style doesn't leave much downtime. I finally just decided to go ahead and do it.

A little background about me. One day in 2008 I woke up, walked downstairs to eat breakfast, stepped on the scale just to "see" and came to the realization that I had let myself balloon to 187lbs. For my 5'6" frame, I was huge. I wore a size 15 in juniors and there was no denying my need for help any longer. I immediately asked my friend Janis to join weight watchers with me. She joined with me, and we began counting points on everything we ate. I realized I had no concept of portion control or what healthy food was.That first week on weigh watchers, I gained 3 lbs. Greaaatttttt. Our leader talked to us about this different type of program that they offered called "The Core Plan". We were allowed to eat anything that wasn't processed. Any fruits, veggies, lean meats that we wanted! The only stipulation is that we needed to listen to our bodies and realize when we were "satisfied". After 6 months on weight watchers, I got down to 165 lbs and a size 9.