Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zumba Queen

Want to know how to have a GREAT start to your morning? Begin by knocking a brand new wine glass that your best friend got you for Christmas and watching it smash into a million pieces all over the floor. Awesomeness. Because I wasn't running late enough as it was.

I still made my new favorite protein pancake even though I was running super late. Smeared some peanut butter on top and ate it in the car with my coffee on my way out to Palm Springs.

My meals today were pretty much the same as yesterday. I had my protein pancakes for meal 1 and for meals 2 and 4, my spinach salad with chicken and leftover grilled veggies from last nights dinner. Covered in hot sauce. I was out of chicken that I bulk cook on the weekend (future post) so I had to resort to canned chicken in a pinch. Meal 4 was yummy cottage cheese with crunchy weird blueberries. I can't wait until those are all gone. Yuck.

Some of the dealers that I visit are pretty high end. One of them is in Rancho Mirage, and today when I went in to call on them they were having a huge event and had tons of food everywhere! The receptionist loves me and INSISTED I eat some of the gourmet cheese, meats, and breads they had out. It looked amazing. Specialty cheeses are definitely a weakness of mine...especially brie. I told her "thanks Norma, but I'm really trying to watch what I eat and cheese isn't on the menu". She responded with "Oh, you don't need to lose any weight, just eat some cheese!" There were several other people around pushing me to eat too and I felt pretty awkward. I didn't want to cheat with cheese. If I'm going to cheat, it's going to be on a delicious bottle of wine or indulging in cocktails with friends. Not a random Wednesday. With everyone staring at me I responded with "Oh, thanks so much but I'll pass today. But, I'll take one of your world famous iced teas Norma!" (She makes me an iced tea every time I come in with their gourmet tea). She smiled and agreed. I left not feeling guilty for cheating and with a delicious iced tea.
Side note: Do you see how long my nails are?! Holy cow! I guess all these nutrients from the clean eating are going straight to my nails. They look pretty when I don't bite them. 

I made it to the gym by 5 and changed in the locker room. I realized once there that I forgot my earphones for my iPod. Which = no music. No. Way. I cannot work out without music. I noticed that there was a 5:30pm Zumba class about to start. After a quick pep talk to myself, and convincing myself that I would survive taking a class all by myself I walked into the class and hid on the side. Guess who was front and center by the end of class? This girl! Guess who the teacher would come up to and shake her groove thang next to? Meeeee! And guess who was screaming along with all the regulars? Yup, little ol' me! I tore that Zumba class UP! And if any of those girls don't like me coming in and taking over, they can suck it. (I got a few looks). While dancing, I caught onto the moves pretty quickly (thank you cheerleading) and thought I was doing pretty good. Then, I remembered this picture I saw on pinterest and realized this is probably what I realllyyyy look like

I came home and had a protein shake with a half of a banana, two frozen peach slices and a ginormous strawberry. The shake was good, but really sweet! I didn't even add any sweetener, the fruit made it extra sweet on it's own.
Oh...hey super dark picture and homeless hair. Don't judge.

I need to eat some protein before bed, so I'll probably have a chocolate casein shake with peanut butter or some chicken mixed with plain greek yogurt and hot sauce. Sooo yummy...tastes like buffalo wings :) The boyfriend comes home tomorrow, and he wants to celebrate all weekend and finally let loose. It's going to be tough to stay on track, but I'm gonna try my hardest.

Question: How do you avoid temptation at work, or politely tell people that you're eating healthier and don't want to partake in the junk?


  1. We had bagels at work yesterday but I was able to stay away (even though they were the really good ones too!) but I was still full from my protein shake. If I'm going to cheat it wont be with a bagel!

  2. I usually smile and say..."No Thank You" and turn quickly to exit..the faster I go the less tempted I am too eat. Besides, there are too many people here that are glad not to have one more eating so they can have MO Mo MO.