Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Does Lifting Heavy = Manly Muscles?

 Do you know who the fitness model Kelsey Byers is? She's this hot little thang....

Gorgeous right? Talk about my dream body. She has muscle, and she's lean and sexy! The other day I had lunch with a friend who is also an avid gym goer and lifting weights. I told her that I lift heavy and I do a low amount of reps, usually 8-10. My friend said that I shouldn't be lifting like this because I was going to get bulky, have too much muscle and look manly.She said women need to lift lighter weights for more reps, in the 20-25 range and that men and women should not have the same workout routine. I panicked. I DO NOT want to look like a man. I want to look like Kelsey Byers. I have been working really hard the last 8 weeks and I was worried that I had been doing it all wrong. What's a girl to do? I got on facebook and asked Kelsey myself....

 Phew! How awesome is it that she responded back to me? I was giddy all day and Matt kept reminding me what a dork I was. Coincidentally, James Wilson, a personal trainer and fitness model Jamie Eason's assistant and right hand man posted something regarding the same topic today.

MUSCLE BURNS FAT!!! There you read it straight from a personal trainer's If I can burn 250 extra calories a day just standing around, I'm gonna do it. If I can lift heavy and build muscle to help me lean out....I'm doing it! Both of these comments from people I trust just reiterated to me that I have been on the right track to changing my body. I hope this helps you realize that lifting heavy and building muscle will not make us "manly" or gross. So lift heavy girls!!!


  1. You started your own blog! How awesome!!

  2. Yes! :) I've always wanted to and finally just decided to try it. Hopefully it helps hold me accountable to clean eating and fitness!

  3. Sooo true! Tons of women think they will get bulky but they won't. We don't havethe same hormone as men, and it will just tone us! :)