Thursday, March 29, 2012


Did you miss me? :) Holy shiz this last week has been CRAZY. Work has been super intense and I've been working crazy late nights. I've still managed to work out every night, but I had to push one thing to the back burner and it had to be the blog :(.

So, lets catch up, shall we?

Matt and I redid the patio in front of our town house and we planted 5 different types of tomatoes, basil and cilantro. I'm hoping by the time summer rolls around, we'll be rolling in the goods! Nothing beats home grown tomatoes. I can't wait!

I should mention that I've never grown anything on my own, so I guarantee nothing.

Progress is happening!!! As of this morning, I was 152 lbs. I was 167.8 when starting the trainer, so I am officially down 15.8lbs. YAY! :)

Also, one night before the gym this week I was feeling really hungry, so I stopped and bought a Quest bar. I knew it was leg day and leg days are super intense and I need to be ready for them. I knew I needed extra energy so I ate half the Quest bar and wrapped the other half up and gave it to Matt to eat pre-workout. Later it occurred to me that I had become "that girl". I used to make fun of girls that wrapped up half of their protein bars. Who can't finish a damn protein bar? I get it now. It's not that you can't finish it, it's that you're eating to keep your body energized and fueled, not just to consume calories or eat. That is major progress for me. It makes me realize that my eating habits have completely changed.

These last two nights, I have been working especially late. Normally, our routine is to meet at the gym for our workout directly after work. After that, we come home and I make lunches for the next morning. Since I worked late last night and was exhausted after driving for 15 hours straight, I came home and literally crawled into bed. Matt came home from the gym and ate dinner and then made our lunches for the next day. It was honestly the sweetest gesture ever. It was even more adorable that when I asked him how much of something he packed for a meal (chicken for instance) he said "2 scoops". Ummm? Then he said "I don't know, why? do you measure?". LOL. Yes, sweet pea. Everything you're eating every day has been measured down to the ounce. Guys are funny.

Today was another late day. I got home at about 7pm and Matt said he would take care of dinner. Sweet. I got home and came out to the front patio to find this

He had poured two glasses of wine and was BBQ'ing corn, asparagus and turkey sausages. He also bought 100% whole wheat buns. He has come so far in our healthy eating, I'm so proud of him. Let me tell you a little story about when we first started to eat healthy. One night after work he said he would pick up something healthy to eat for dinner on the way home. He came home with a vegetable lasagna with Alfredo sauce. Yes, people. Freaking white pasta, with white sauce and tons of cheese. Each serving had over 30 grams of fat. His response was " but babe, it's vegetable lasagna." LOL. So, was tonight's dinner completely clean? No. Was it a little high in fat? Yes. But, I didn't say anything because it was amazing, and he's come so far. I found out tonight that we'll be going over to our old neighbor's house for dinner tomorrow night and he requested lean turkey burgers. :). I love this man!
There was wine, and fire. It was glorious.
Our delicious dinner
Matt chowing down on the corn he made on the grill. It was delicious. I only had a bite because I was so full, but it was really good. I'm convinced everything tastes better on the grill.

We sat outside and stared at the fire, drank wine, stared at the stars and listened to Bob Marley. It was truly a perfect night (Are you throwing up in your mouth yet? LOL)

I'm going to a potluck on Saturday night and will be posting a new recipe!! I promise not to stay away so long again. Sweet dreams everyone. 

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  1. That patio looks really nice! :)

    Have a great time at the potluck this Saturday! Cant wait for the recipe. :)