Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Product review: Artic Zero Ice cream bars

Matt and I found these at Costco on our last shopping trip. I've heard great things about them from the live fit group, so we decided to try them. This company is based out of Temecula, so I REALLY wanted to try them and support a local company.

The nutritional info is pretty good for an ice cream bar.
So, what did I think?
I only like vanilla based ice cream so this review is on the vanilla bar. There is definitely some sugar, fat and carbs to consider, but this is a nice treat when you want something sweet. It in no way tastes like a Dove ice cream bar, but it's definitely tasty for a "healthy" alternative. The ice cream part of the bar is made from whey (although there's only 3g of protein in a bar...not a great stat) and it tasted icey instead of like a creamy, smooth vanilla. I like them, but would probably not purchase them again because I would like something lower in sugar content. I'm glad we tried it though.

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