Friday, March 9, 2012

Obsession: Panera Bread's Acai Iced Tea

I have a slight obsession with Panera bread's Acai iced tea. It is sooooo tasty. I was out running errands today with Marley and stopped to get one because I was craving something sweet. The tea is unsweetened, but it curbs my craving for something sweet because it has a sweet, fruity flavor. It's tasty and clean eating approved. Check and check. :)

  I also got Marley some water while I was in there. Today was in the 80's and he needed some hydration!
 This weeks workouts have been good. I am starting to notice some improvements in my strength and body. Yayy!! It's tough because it's a slow process so it's easy to get discouraged, but you have to have faith that what you're doing is good for your body and that the changes will come! Progress pictures have definitely helped show me I'm making progress and changing even though the scale isn't budging. Stupid scale.

Tuesday night: SHOULDERS

Arnold dumbbell Press: 4X8, 22.5 lbs
Seated bent over rear delt raise: 4X8, 15 lbs
Standing palm-in one arm dumbbell press: 4X8, 22.5lbs

Front dumbbell raise: 4X8, 15 lbs
Standing dumbbell upright row: 4X8, 15 lbs

Side lateral raise: 4X8, 12 lbs (low weight because I just don't get how to have proper form on this exercise. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I do this one Matt says I look like a pterodactyl. in the dinosaur bird. Something to do with my arm placement, apparently. Then I get all mad and tell him to show me how to do it right, and then he shows me and I still don't get it. I am convinced that couples that work out together and manage not to strangle each other are gonna make it in their relationship. It's a good test! LOL)

Then we did 45 minutes of cardio. I zumba'd, Matt watched me for a minute and laughed at my awkwardness and then went and ran upstairs on the treadmill.

Wednesday was my favorite! LEG DAY!!

Leg Extensions: 2X30, 75 lbs
Wide Stance Barbell Squat: 4X8, 115 lbs
Seated Leg curl: 4X8, 60 lbs
One Leg Barbell Squat: 4X8, 40lbs
Seated Calf Raise: 3X20, 130 lbs
Glutes: 3X10, 125lbs

We're technically not supposed to do cardio on leg days, but Matt talked me into doing 15 min on the stair master and cranked it up. We left pouring sweat.

Other exciting news from this week...

On shoulder day, I looked in the mirror and could NOT believe how awesome my shoulders looked. There's some definite definition happening there. I called Matt over to check them out during an exercise and he laughed at me. Muscle pump or not, I'll take the progress. ;)

Also, I've been packing Matt and I salads for some of our meals this week. I always try to make them colorful so they're exciting to eat. Matt never notices...but he sent me a text on Thursday that said "Just got a compliment on your salad. The girls say it's so pretty." haha!! YESSSS! I loved it. It's the little things people!

Got a friday night date with my man at the gym for Back/Delts and cardio. New veggie pasta recipe tomorrow! :) I won't mention the epic fail of trying to reproduce a clean, protein bar version of my grandma's famous zucchini bread. Bleechhhh. Gotta keep tweaking that one, today's version went straight to the trash (and my dumb ass doubled the recipe without knowing how it would turn out...two loaves in the trash). We live and learn!!!


  1. Two things-when I told Steve to check out my gums (whilst flexing my arms) he told me they weren't guns but rather BB guns. Whatever.
    Also, didn't know Matt was a paleontologist who knew what they sounded like. :-)

    1. I meant GUNS to check out my guns. Not my gums. My gums are good though.